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How to Plan a Wedding During the COVID-19 Worldwide Pandemic!

"Something good has to come out of this quarantine right!? Might as well plan my dream wedding to perfection"

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is constantly encouraging people to practice social distancing and limit the number of people in their gatherings, preferably less than 10 individuals. As the COVID-19 (coronavirus) virus spreads, it's causing a huge crisis all over the map. We are experiencing a decline in the economic, social, and logistical world. In all of this, you may also have to consider postponing your wedding event(s)! When the coronavirus outbreak erupted in clusters all over the world, people started to panic. The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus patients grew and people's heart rates started to increase as they worried and sometimes even experience a number of anxiety-like symptoms.

Many couples whose weddings were scheduled for April-May started considering postponing their event day to an alternative date later in the year, to when coronavirus is a distant history! Yeah Right!! No one knows when the pandemic will finally end so we no longer have to practice social distancing. With these uncertain times, event vendors have started to amend their standards, policies and procedures to support couples as they tread through this tough time.

Couples have to consider postponing their event date, rather than cancelling it. The key to rescheduling is that the deposit/retainer amount will not be lost, rather it will be applied as a credit for their future event. For events that are scheduled for June-September, couples should monitor news outlets and websites in the coming weeks to keep up with the progression of the outbreak and make a sound decision accordingly. This is your time to check in with vendors involved in your big day about their policies regarding rescheduling event dates. Try to have all meetings and consultations via Facetime or Skype. During this time also make a contingency plan for the future event date and how best to transfer all planned work for the later date. Have a few possible dates, contact all your vendors and run the new dates by them. You goal is to choose a date where the most vendors have availability, this will increase your chances of losing the least amount of money in already paid deposits/retainers. If you are considering postponing your event, talk to your planner today! Our team at Mehek Kay Events is offering couples assistance with postponing their event dates. We will take care of contacting previously booked vendors to accomodate your new event date. Every couple should have a seamless process in rescheduling, so let us help!

The goal is to keep yourself feeling healthy and well! Protect the safety of your guests and loved ones

If you do not have a wedding planner, get in touch with one today! Although you've been keeping up with the local news, and certified instagram posts you wedding planner will have more insight on vendor policies and how to move forward with this new meticulous process.

If you have already sent out your invitations, then the best way to let your guests know about changes in the date is through your wedding website on The Knot or WeddingWire. Couples are also calling each guest to let them know about the date change and also sending a formal update through mail. If your wedding event isn't until August, you may have not sent out your invitations yet, perhaps include a separate card stating that you are monitoring the COVID-19 worldwide outbreak and will postpone the event if advised by authorizing bodies. You want to be conscious and reassure guests that you are looking out for their health and safety.

Right now all vendors are going to be willing to accommodate and be flexible with couples who are planning on a postponement. You might be wondering why your vendor won't agree to returning your already paid deposit/retainer. The retainer is to cover the cost of doing business. In the case a couple decides to cancel their events, the already paid retainer is to manage the expenses and time already invested in their event. You must also understand that your vendor may have declined other inquiries for that day as the date had been secured for you.

Michelle Rago, is urging couple to talk through their timelines, and music selection, which is so much harder than you think. Think about how many people are giving speeches, have those guest experience conversations, review mood boards for décor, have all of those time-intensive conversations. Schedule calls—video calls if possible. Right now, vendors are looking to give you tons of customer service.

During this time, the main goal is to stay healthy and enjoying watch Netflix and release the inner chef that's always been there. During this down time I've been making an attempt to try new daily recipes and trying out home workout videos! While speaking to a June 2020 couple, the bride stated, "Something good has to come out of this quarantine right!? Might as well plan my dream wedding to perfection" Take these moments to workout kinks for your big day. This is your chance to create beautiful DIY centrepieces or bombonieres. Pick up a hobby you've always wanted to try, this is your time to make an investment in yourself!


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