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Ultimate Favourite Engagement Shoot Locations!

One of the most exciting moments for us is when our amazing couples send us their engagement shoot photos! I actually can't explain how big my smile is, in my mind that's the moment when the wedding fun begins!

When I got married in 2017, my husband and I decided to have our engagement shoot at the iconic location of Casa Loma. I always wanted my wedding to be hosted there, but with our grand guest count of 700 guests, we were out of luck, as we exceeded the maximum capacity by a landslide. I still wanted this location to be apart of my wedding celebrations so my sister and bridesmaids surprised me by hosting my bridal shower there!

My husband and I had never "posed" together for photos, so we were superrrrrr awkward, plus my camera-shy husband didn't help the situation. Our photographer from Noor Aqil Photography was super patient with us and we laughed through the process and literally butt head as we tried to be cute with our poses. The second half of our e-shoot was shot at Distillery District and the Polson Pier.

All locations chosen for our engagement shoot had significance to our relationship. For our second date, my now-husband took me to the Christmas Market which is where he made the first move to hold my hand. He claims he didn't want me to get lost in the crowds of people, so he had to hold my hand, I say that's a pure bogus excuse and that he just wanted to show the first sign of intimacy. In -20 degrees celcius we then decided to make our way over to Polson Pier, it was freezing cold, but we walked along the city skyline and sipped on our warm coffees. The cold suddenly didn't bother us, we were laughing and talking and often directed a flirtatious one-liner at one another. We sat on the bench overlooking the city, the moment was perfect so our first kiss was inevitable. Everything froze in that moment and we both knew that the other was "THE ONE". Our second date was a sentimental and memorable night for both of us so we knew that our engagement shoot had to reflect these dear-to-heart locations in the city.

We often get couples inquiring about places around the city where they can get their engagement shoot photos taken. Casa Loma, Distillery District and the Polson Pier are always on the top list.

Take a look below to see some of our suggested engagement shoot locations. Please be advised that that most locations require a photography permit. Review the criteria for each location you plan on taking the beautiful portraits!

Our Favs:

Architectural: Gardens:

Brookfield Place Kariya park

Knox College Chinguacousy Park

Living Arts Center Mississauga Scarborough Bluffs

Toronto Reference Library Rosetta Mcclain Gardens

Toronto City Hall Edwards Gardens

Centre for Design (OCAD) Allan Garden and Greenhouse

Queen Richmond Centre Centennial Park Conservatory

Roy Thomson Hall Kew Gardens

Studios: Aircraft Backdrop:

Preto Loft Hamilton Airport Museum

LOVT Studios Brantford Flight Centre

Linens and Love Studios Waterloo International Airport

Studio By House Buttonville Municipal Airport

OBJX Studio Guelph Airport


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